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I'm going to preface this bad review with the fact that the FIRST move I ever used movers for was just under 2 years ago and I hired Done Right and was EXTREMELY satisfied with their services. So when I moved this past weekend, I again used them...

I was LESS THAN satisfied with the service I received. The foreman was lazy and spent more time on the truck and texting on his phone than actually doing work. The two other men on the crew I cannot say a bad word about, other than perhaps they were given poor direction by the foreman and apparently did not know the difference between a dining room, living room, and bedroom. I called the office to let them know what was going on and instead of the foreman trying to get his act together and make it right, instead tried to become ingnorant and defensive with me while my fiance was not present to witness it.

(Side note: I am nearly 8 months pregnant). What took 3 men (of half this crew's height and weight) to move (aside from perhaps 3 additional major appliances and an extra table set - which were in the same area as the truck and broken down ready to go!!!) 2 years earlier 3 total hours and 1 hr of travel (approx 45 miles) AND they had to still help me wrap and pack most everything in my apt up, it took this crew 3 and 1/2 hours to move approx 0.8-1 miles away AND THEN, did not even complete the job. I understand I refused to pay them for over 3 and 1/2 hrs of work and that's why they left nearly 75% of my belongings on the tree bank in front of my house and threw everything else into the house or left it strewn about in the garage, but give me a break! When you quote someone for a 1 bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor to the 1st floor 1 mile away 2-3 hours, and then the foreman gets there, looks around but does not even bother to take a walk thru to verify contents and estimate the job properly and says 3 hrs, then proceeds to take 2 and 1/2 hrs just at the first location, gets to the 2nd location and says it will only take 1 more hour to get it all IN, that hour passes and then doesn't even come close to meeting that goal and dumps my stuff where people are circling around the block to see if its garbage for them to pick through, THAT IS RIDICULOUS!

I was offered no kind of refund or even common courtesy from the foreman, nor the office staff who "handled" my complaint. I hope the owner reads this and FIRES that foreman. Its workers like that, that give companies a bad reputation. I could go on and on about how horrible the service was and how they left boxes at my old apt and lost screws that were taped onto things purposely NOT to be lost, but I can;t even waste any more time.

Even with my frist experience being so amazing, I will NEVER use this company again, and I plan on filing in small claims court VERY SOON.

Monetary Loss: $498.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #904209

i made the BIG MISTAKE of using dun rite movers they quoated me 1100 per.truck load as i needed 3

trucks would.of should of been 3300 hundred dollars after they got my belongings they gave me.a bill of 10000 dollars ? i am about to sue them they are ripoffs do not under any conditions they will lie cheat and steal you dont know me but i would never try to lie about something like this PLEASE DO NOT USE DUN-RITE MOVERS IN CHICAGO THEY ARE DISHONEST AND WILL TRY TO OVER CHARGE YOU ANY WAY THEY CAN.NOW THEY HAVE MY BELONGINGS AND I CANT GET MY CHILDRENS CLOTHES OR EVEN MY CLOTHES BECAUSE THEY WONT RELEASE THEM.UNTILL PAYMENT OF 7000 more than the estimate im a harley biker and usually dont get misty lets say but im in tears over this move im trying to get a better life for my kida away from the city and gangs an drugs and now i cant even get there clothes .contact me if ?

gerry .312.

388. six one zero five


I completely agree with the previous comment. I had purchased furniture from an estate sale with the intention of giving it to my son and daughter-in-law who were moving back to Chicago and had no furniture.

It was furniture only--no dishes, books, pictures,knicknacks etc. It was 3 bedrooms with dressers, side tables-no mattresses. It was a complete living room and family room, kitchen table and rec room furniture--no dining room furniture. I stress this because I was charged for 6 men to work 6 hours to shrink wrap and move this furniture into a fisrt floor storage unit 10 minutes away.

I was charged an astonishing $1950.00 for this move. They showed up with a Uhaul truck saying the moving truck "wouldn't start", and they would have to make several trips. When I called the office, they said the big truck was being used, but that it would arrive with 3 more movers,so that the move would go quicker. Am I to presume that it would have taken the original 3 men 12 hours to move this furniture?

I didn't even get into the surly foreman, the damage to the walls, which they said they had up to 120 days to remedy. Don't waste your time with "customer service"-it is non-existant.

And don't waste your money on this extremely unprofessional company. I wish I had read reviews first.

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